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There’s a First Time for Everything!

Hi there!
I’m Natalia just your average 19 year old health fanatic. 

After countless months of reading numerous blogs, I thought why not start my own? Well, besides the fact that my life is uneventful, it didn’t seem like the worst idea.

I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before and I’m putting you to sleep. 
Why on earth should you choose to read my blog? What makes me so damn special?

First off, I just wanted to share an abbreviated version of my journey through fitness:

I hated running up until 2 years ago when I became obsessed. Prior to this point in my life, I was not too concerned about eating nutritious food or staying fit. Now people groan as random health facts come spouting out of my mouth šŸ™‚
 As I became more passionate about running, it soon became my goal to complete a marathon by the time I graduated from college. There is a slight problem…I have the knees of a 90 year old women. No big deal really, except that I am in fact 19 and a runner. I had some issues with my knees as a kid and for the past few months I cannot run without feeling a constant aching in my knees days later

As frustrated as I am and as hard as it is for me accept, I know it’s time for…
Plan B: finding a balance between running and other activities to keep me in shape. Hopefully this will lead to a happier version of me than the one above! (That picture was actually taken while I was getting ready for work. Surprisingly, I really like my job!)

Thanks for stumbling across my blog!
Come back soon!


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