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Incorporating Exercise into your Day

We all have crazy schedules! And let’s face it, at the end of the day who wants to put the time into working out when you could kick back in front of the TV? 

I am a firm believer of incorporating exercise into your daily life. And this way when you don’t schedule a workout you are comforted by the fact that you did do something throughout your day. Every little thing counts! 

1.) Stairs are your friends. 
2.) Elevators are the enemy.

You may not think that one trip to the 4th floor is that much exercise, but if you do that multiple times a day, it begins to add up. And a nice bonus? Since all of these little things are spread out during the day, it won’t feel as hectic as an hour long workout at the gym.
It drives me crazy when I see people standing around waiting for an elevator for minutes at a time. You won’t have that problem with stairs 😉 You can use them whenever, no need to wait. And now that it’s getting to be flu/cold season, avoiding the elevators is an even better idea! Do you ever stop to consider how many germs are on those elevator buttons? Does anyone actually ever disinfect them? No thanks, I’ll pass. 
Lets review some basic things:

Taking the stairs versus the elevator is just one minor aspect. There are so many other little things you could be doing. Like parking your car towards the back of the parking lot, or simply walking or biking instead of relying on cars/buses. 
Enjoy your night! 

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