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Sunday Night Blues

I have never considered myself a “gym-goer.”  I would so much rather be outside! 

Would you rather run here or on a treadmill?
Thought so.

But since I am taking a break from running, little else remains to be done outside. Well besides walking, and I do that enough with my daily treks to and from class, the library, to get lunch, etc. 
By some crazy coincidence, one of the campus gyms is literally the building next to my dorm.  How’s that for irony? So I decided to give it a shot. 
For today’s workout I biked 20 miles on a stationary bike, here are my stats:

Total Distance: 20.00 mi.
Time Taken: 01:03:00
Pace: 03:08 (avg)
Speed: 19.05 (mi/hr) (avg)
Calories Burned: 444 (kcal)

I did this same workout on Friday afternoon, but today’s pace was a bit faster. I am truly surprised by how much I am enjoying cycling!
But seriously give me my iPod and I can power through any workout. One of my best exercise quantities I do believe. I’ll try to ignore the
fact that when I’m older I’ll have serious hearing loss from cranking up the volume so loud 😦 Maybe by then they’ll figure some way to reverse
hearing damage!

I was going to give the weight room a try after I finished cycling but the combination of bulky guys and me being completely clueless about how
to use the machines made me call it a day. Maybe another time.

In the next 11 days I have a biology exam, biology lab exam, sociology exam, abnormal psych exam, and a paper due for my bio lab.
The first one, my biology lab exam, is this Friday but I know I have to get a head start on studying for all of the other exams and of course
I couldn’t find it in me to be productive this weekend. So now instead of enjoying the remainder of my weekend this is what I have to look
forward to…
The work never ends!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


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