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Raining Cats n’ Dogs

The title says it all folks! It’s been raining cats n’ dogs here in Ann Arbor. 

We had 80 mph winds and tornado warnings until 6 pm tonight. And yet we had class. My mantra today was a little dramatic but I thought very appropriate, “Walking to class while there is a tornado warning. No big deal. The only thing at stake is my life.” 

My favorite part of rainy weather is getting to wear rain boots! Do I look ready to brave the tornado warning? You betcha! A little mismatched but still ready.

While examining my rain boots in class, because clearly they are much more interesting than anything my professors have to say, I noticed a small tear on my right boot 😦
At first I was excited, because ever since I got my new adorable coral rain jacket (see above) I have wanted to get rain boots that match, and now I had an excuse. But then I recalled that I just bought these last year and have barely worn them. Come on Target, I expect so much more from you than producing mediocre rain boots. Sigh, what can you do.

Lunch today was a bit of a disappointment. On Tuesdays I don’t have time to eat lunch until after 1 pm, so needless to say that bagel from 8am didn’t hold me over and I was starving! 

The pasta was not great so I didn’t eat it. There was not a huge selection of vegetables today so I decided to give brussels sprouts a try and after two remembered why I never ate them. Thankfully the Irish Vegetable Stew was loaded with vegetables, as the name implies, so I didn’t feel guilty about not eating those nasty green things on my plate.
And for the best part of the meal….  
Lemon Squares!

 I adore lemon squares! These had a bit too much powdered sugar for my liking but were still very tasty! I seriously considered getting another one since I didn’t eat most of my lunch but eventually decided against it. 

How embarrassing…I have become one of those people who takes pictures of their food. On a brighter note,  the course guide for next semester has just come out and I can arrange and rearrange my schedule to my heart’s content!

What is your least favorite vegetable?   


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