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Journey to Healthy is full of Small Victories

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I have been a good little blogger today and took pictures of both breakfast and lunch!

Breakfast: (Pay close attention…I had a small victory today at breakfast!)

  • Scrambled egg white omelet with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and spinach.

  • Kiwis!

  • Cream of wheat. 

And this last item is where the victory came in. I always try to have a big breakfast on Tuesdays and Thursdays since I don’t get to eat lunch until 1pm. So today when deciding what I should have for breakfast, I skipped on the yummy greasy mini egg and cheese bagel. There are calorie counts for every item in our dining hall, and when I saw that this mini bagel was over 400, I decided to pass. Instead, I had cream of wheat, with some brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Sadly, I felt it didn’t have any taste and only had a few spoons, but I am very proud of choosing it over the bagel! Go me! With each of these small victories I make I am getting closer to becoming healthy.

  • Chicken nuggets and a vegetable blend.

  • Cream of broccoli soup. It tasted so yummy on a cold day like today.

  • water

I always drink water. I avoid pop with meals or other calorific drinks like lemonade or those 10% fruit juices. I don’t want to drink my calories away- the only exception I make is for milk. One thing I do want is some strong bones!

Here’s an update on how my week is going thus far: I had 2 exams yesterday- sociology and biology. They both went much better than I had expected, but I always expect the worst- something I really hope to change. I have a psychology exam early Thursday morning and a research paper due on Friday afternoon!


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