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Let’s have a little chat about perfectionism.

Personality types- the good, the bad, and the ugly

the good:
Type B personality: relaxed, not subject to time pressure
the bad:
Type A personality: aggressiveness, competitiveness, hostility, time pressure, and constant striving for achievement
the ugly:
Type (distress) D personality: tendency to experience negative emotions, irritability, insecurity and anxiety

Who doesn’t want to be a happy go lucky, laid back person? Life is good with that kind of an attitude. And the alternative to this life style? Pressuring yourself to finish tasks in a certain manner, constantly competing with those around you. It doesn’t sound good. Actually, more like the opposite, it sounds bad.
But being a Type A personality isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s nice to have something to strive for and want to do well, but there is a catch. If you also experience irritability and hostility on your way to your goal, things start to get ugly.
I’m not sure how much you know about how your personality effects your physical well being, but the results for a study focusing on the link between Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and personality types is shocking! Apparently, those of us who display the negative characteristics of type A personality (type D personality) are far more likely to have CHD. All of those negative emotions can cause some serious harm 😦

Why the sudden interest in this topic, you ask?
Well besides it being the focus of my psych exam this morning, I realized something crazy today.
I am being way too hard on myself.

Today I…

  • missed one question on my biology quiz (each one counts for 3 points) and I was so upset and irritated with myself. 
  • found out my score on the biology exam I just took, which was 15% above the average, and yet I was not pleased. And taking all things into account (having 2 other exams to study for that week and the tricky material that was on the exam) I should be ecstatic about my score- but I can’t seem to be…yet.

I’ve decided to make a goal to be less critical of myself. And treat myself with more respect. I am not a robot.  I can’t be good at everything and I certainly can’t be perfect 100% of the time.

It won’t be easy. I have had a perfectionistic mindset for quite some time. But I think it is a harmful behavior I need to change about myself.
How will I do this you ask?  I have no clue. None whatsoever. But I’ll let you know if I find something that works.

Are you or anyone you know a perfectionist? 
How does it affect your everyday life?
How do you treat/view yourself after you do something that doesn’t meet your standards?


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