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Off Day

Today has not gone according to plan.

Expected outcome: Be able to see!
Actual outcome: I forgot to put my contacts in this morning. My eyesight isn’t too terrible, so I could still see but the world looked very blurry this morning 😉

Expected outcome: Go to my 9am class!
Actual outcome: Skipped my class because the chances of me staying awake and actually following along with the lecture were slim.

Expected outcome: Have this for breakfast

  • Thick and Creamy vanilla yogurt, sprinkled with granola, and a banana

Actual outcome: Had this for breakfast

  • Thick and Creamy Vanilla Yogurt

I find the texture of “thick and creamy” yogurts a little unappetizing and hate to eat them but this one was expiring soon and I didn’t want to have to throw it out. I surprisingly didn’t need to add granola to my yogurt this morning- it didn’t taste as bad as I last remember.

  • A handful of almonds

I didn’t eat the banana. It had been in my backpack and had gotten smushed by all my textbooks 😦

Expected outcome: Go to the gym and bike 20 miles on a stationary bike.

Actual outcome: Went to the gym and biked 10 miles on a stationary bike. I was sleepy this morning and a little hungry after my unsatisfying breakfast. I think that banana would have given me enough fuel for another 10 miles. Oh well.

Workout Stats:

Time Taken:
10.00 mi
03:02 (avg)
Speed: 19.67 (mi/hr) (avg)

Now that I am done with my crazy week, what will I do to fill my time?
For starters I could clean my room. It’s gotten pretty messy this week. I’ve been doing a lot of studying and not a lot of tidying up!

  • As I got done studying for one exam I tossed the books/lecture notes on the floor and moved onto the next exam. Great strategy, don’t you think?

  • A pile of clothes has accumulated over the past week. There is a chair under there. 
  • And the rest of my room just needs some organization. Shoes, food, books, jewelry- you name it- it’s scattered everywhere.

One a final note: TGIF!


One response

  1. Happy Friday to you too! And I have some serious organization to do myself this weekend. Blah.

    November 5, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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