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Early Morning

I went to bed early last night, so I was able to get up early on this lovely Saturday morning. I am also volunteering at 9am, so there was another reason to get up early.
I hope you realized a trend there.

Asiago cheese bagel

I didn’t toast it. I guess there is a reason they don’t permit you to have toasters in college dorms. Don’t tell but I’ve smuggled a toaster in and have used it a few times- only to be very paranoid that I was going to set the fire alarms off in the whole building.


I have some big plans for today.
I am going to go for a run! I haven’t ran for a good three weeks due to knee pain. I’m not setting any expectations for myself.  I couldn’t care less what my pace or distance is. I just want to find a way to be pain-free and still be able to run!
But if I do feel pain, I’ll just take that as a sign that my body needs even more rest.  I will not give up on running. Damn you genes for giving me such unstable knees.
I HATE running on treadmills. Hate it. In fact, I would rather run in the winter months outside and risk breaking an ankle than running on a treadmill inside.  No worries, I am very careful about foot placement and avoid patches of ice, and have not had any injuries to date. *knock on wood*
It’s time to break out my winter running gear.  Currently it’s only 27° F here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Brrrr. Let’s hope it warms up a little.

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