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Home Sweet Home

I am currently writing this post in my very own room! I am home!
I love going home, for a number of reasons…
Here are just a few:

  • I don’t have to do my laundry!
This is a lot of laundry!
  • I get to run with my favorite running buddy!

 Oh you know he’s just stretching and warming up his muscles for our run. He always does this, which makes me believe he is the smartest dog alive.

Now Scooter is getting annoyed that I am taking pictures instead of getting ready for our run.
Running Stats:
Total Distance: 4.26 mi.
Time Taken:
09:09 (avg)
6.55 (mi/hr) (avg)

  • Look what was waiting for me when I returned home:

I am a huge fitness/health magazine junkie! I have them sent to my home address instead of my dorm because it would be such a hassle to have to change the delivery address after each school year back to my home address for the summer months and then back again. Whew, just writing that made me exhausted!
  • Adorable brown suede boots:

I bought these adorable suede boots last time I was home, but the minute I returned home and tried them on again I realized they were much too big L so my parents volunteered to exchange them for a smaller size. Now these fit perfectly! Can’t wait to wear them.
You know how each family has their holiday? Maybe your family is really into Thanksgiving or you go all out for Halloween. Well, for this family it’s Christmas. We live for the season. Actually, my mom lives for the season and each year she makes our house into a winter wonderland. Seriously. Is one Christmas tree is enough? No, never. 
This afternoon my mom has big decorating plans for us. Oh dear Lord, save me.

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