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Laid Back Monday

I usually don’t hit the snooze button multiple times when my alarm goes off, but today I did not want to get out of bed. But my day has gotten progressively better!

Last Monday, I started a new “tradition” here on my blog, called Motivational Monday.

My “Monday 5”:
1. I am sooo grateful that my 10am class and 8pm meeting got cancelled…this means I have time to relax today.
2. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break! (only 10 days away)
3. I am thankful that my fridge is stocked full of yummy healthy (for the most part) food

4. I am grateful for my new stack of magazines! It’s nice to take a break and flip through them

5. I am grateful for finally figuring out my life this weekend…I want to become a doctor of physical therapy. I really want to get into Northwestern’s PT Program! Now that I know what I am working for, I feel so less stressed out!

“This morning I am grateful for…”
“This week I look forward to…”
Enjoy your Monday!

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