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Almost There…

I am counting down the hours until I go home sweet home.
Yes, you read that right I am STILL stuck at school. 
I think someone needs to reevaluate this whole Thanksgiving break thing at the University of Michigan. Classes are held until Wednesday (today) the day before Thanksgiving until 5pm! In my opinion this is a bunch of BS! It doesn’t allow for any travel time so most people end up leaving a day or so early if they have classes they are able to skip.

To beat boredom, I headed to the gym for one last workout before I eat my weight in turkey tomorrow! I cycled 20 miles in just under an hour.

Workout Stats:  

Total Distance:
Time Taken:
02:53 (avg)   
Speed: 20.69 (mi/hr) (avg)  

I am currently finishing up a rough draft of a bio paper that needs to be submitted by 5pm. I’m not too worried, I’m going to submit one in the roughest form possible. J
I can’t wait to go home and be greet by:

 This was last years Christmas card picture!

I’m sure my mom has put up all of her Christmas decorations by now! I can’t wait to see them. Sure, it’s a little early for that but we are a Christmas family after all, and love to enjoy it as long as possible.


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