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Manic Monday

Have I been living in a bubble?
I have never heard of Cyber Monday before today and now it’s everywhere I look.

I hope you are easing back into the work week after your nice long Thanksgiving break. Transitions back to school mode after being lazy for several days are very difficult for me.

Another thing I have been lazy about over break is exercise.
I went for a walk with my dog on Sunday morning, and Black Friday I must have walked at least 4 miles around stores, but nothing beyond that.

This morning I ventured out into the cold Michigan weather for a 5 mile run.
But so many things seemed to go wrong:

  • I ate too soon before the run
  • my knee started to ache mid-way through the run (ughhh, I really thought I had gotten rid of this pesky problem)
  • I was tired
  • it was much too cold
Once my knee started to ache, I started alternating between running and walking and decided to cut the run short. I ended up only doing 3.34 miles. 

It seems like I always have bad runs when I go more than a few days without running. For this upcoming year, I think I will make a New Year’s Resolution to run at least 3 times a week. Although, that might not be the smartest thing for me to do, considering my knee problems. I still have a little over a month to decide so we’ll see if I’m feeling up to it.

I’m now icing my knee

 While munching on all sorts of goodies I brought from home. The puppy chow is just about half gone…

I have a lab meeting in half an hour and I still have to read 2 articles for it (I think I’ll get away with skimming them), blow dry my hair, and eat dinner. Oh my, what a procrastinator I am.


  • Peanut butter banana sandwich!
  • Coffee yogurt

Together these three things make my favorite breakfast! Speaking of peanut butter, Matt is hosting a peanut butter giveaway. Coconut peanut butter? Sounds yummy! Be sure to check it out before Friday!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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