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Thanksgiving Break Recap

I haven’t posted in quite some time.
But here is my excuse- I have been spending time with my wonderful family.
Good excuse, no?

Where should I begin?

My mom was scheduled to work Thanksgiving evening, ohh the life of a nurse, but double pay on holidays makes up for it. Since she had to be at work at 2pm, we had our Thanksgiving “lunch” at noon, so when I rolled out of bed at 10 am, most of the meal had already been prepared!

Some were anxious for the meal and tired of waiting. But I assure you, it was worth the wait.

  •  green bean casserole (my favorite)
  • turkey (of course!)
  • mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy
  • stuffing (also one of my favorites)
  • veggies
  • wheat dinner roll
  • homemade cranberry sauce (hidden behind the stuffing)
I hope the long list of food I ate made it clear, but just to clarify…I left the table STUFFED! 

I had to wait a few hours before I got hungry enough for dessert.

  • pumpkin pie (mmm)

    One tradition my sister and I have is making a gingerbread house.

    You may consider it childish. We consider it fun.

     The Biggest Loser Thanksgiving edition was on, when all of the past winners came back and shared Thanksgiving, so I was too distracted to be much help.

    But the additions I made to the house are very clear.

    I was feeling very school spirited (I go to the University of Michigan if you weren’t aware). Go Blue!

    The final product:
    Another tradition we have…BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!
    Right after the meal was over, we were busy looking for deals in the store ads! 
    My mom didn’t get home until 11pm on Thanksgiving night so we didn’t get out of the house until 6 am the next morning. A little late in my opinion but we still got some good deals. 
    Here are a few:

    •  My sister got these boots at Kohl’s for only $20!

    •  Movies are a big part of Black Friday deals for my family. Here are the movies that I bought. My sister also got a few. 

    •  Bath & Body had some great deals! These Mint Chocolate candles smelled heavenly! 

    •  I love Old Navy PJ’s! Do you like these new Christmas ones I snagged for only $5?

    •  Scooter got some new toys (that he is now annoyingly squeaking all the time L)

    • Have you seen these in stores? You put them in water and they are supposed to grow 6 times their size in a few days? Well, lets see how big Rudolph gets.
    And finally, Thanksgiving is the time we do Christmas Card Pictures. It’s. A. Big. Deal.

    The majority of our family lives in Poland, so they don’t see us and they really look forward to these pictures.

    Out of the dozens taken here are my favorites, and by favorites I do not mean that these are all keepers, some are just insanely humorous…you’ll see.

     (I’m on the upper left side)

     This one needs some explanation: we’re holding up our school ornaments.
    It was really difficult to get a good picture with Scooter.

    I love that he is sitting looking at us instead of at the camera.

    But alas…

    He’s not looking in the right direction and he is holding on to his toy which he refuses to let get out of his sight, but compared to the others, this one is perfect!

    Thanksgiving break was wonderful, but now it’s time to face reality. 
    School school school.
    Exams exams exams.
    Busy busy busy.
    Question: What Thanksgiving traditions does your family have?

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