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Tips for Writing Papers

This week is wearing me thin.

I’m starting to feel like this again, and that is saying a lot seeing as this picture was taken just as I had to rip a fishing hook out of my hair. No I am sorry dad, even though you are not having luck you can not try to catch me. (PS He wasn’t trying to do that. It was windy, I was walking around. Shit happens.) 
Things to “look forward” to this week:
10 page sociology paper.
Abnormal Psychology Final.
Biology Laboratory Final.
Biology Laboratory Presentation. 

Papers. They suck. Especially when they are supposed to be annoying long!
Here are some tips I find useful:

Start early! This is hands down the most important thing.  You won’t be able to write a quality paper when you are feeling pressured with a time deadline.  A 10 page paper can seem intimidating but two days before the due date it won’t be any easier. So why wait?
Revise, revise, revise! I was not a great writer before-  I only focused on spelling/ grammar errors. But now I know there are so many other things to look for:
Are transitions between paragraphs making the paper flow?
Is there any change in the organization of your paper that could make it better? (ex: switch paragraph 3 and 4)
How is your vocabulary? Are you repeating the same word over and over? Get out your thesaurus and look up some different words.
Does your sentence structure vary? (ex: if all of your sentences are filled with commas and a mile long, consider rewriting them so you can alternate between long and short sentences)
Is your title appropriate? For some reason teachers always value a great title so much. So instead of writing “Term Paper” as your title make it something that applies to your topic.
Look carefully at the rubric! Papers are easier than exams. You have the advantage of knowing exactly what is expected of you. Read and re-read through the rubric to make sure you are on track for an “A” worth paper!
Get another opinion. Sometimes you can’t pick out the errors in your paper by yourself. Blackmail, bribe, beg, etc. whatever works- just get someone to read and give you a fresh perspective on your paper. 
Happy Writing!

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