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I am a 19 year old, who grew up in Saint Joseph, Michigan but currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan.

Earlier in life I struggled with anxiety issues. About life and not measuring up to what was expected of me, about what others thought of me, about making a fool of myself, etc. I felt a constant pressure of being perfect in every way possible- which I have come to realize is beyond impossible. This healthier lifestyle has opened my eyes to what was missing in my life beforeRespect for myself. No one is any better than me. This statement might be a no brainer for you, but it has taken me this long in life to figure it out.
I thank God every day for helping me find this lifestyle, which in turn has helped me find peace within myself.

I was not the healthiest person throughout my life. Neither was my family. This blog is a dedication to the healthier life I am striving to live. It’s not an excuse, but I am Polish and everyone is my family has been raised on kielbasa (I’m sorry Americans, you still slaughter the pronunciation), fried foods, and other things high in fat. I played tennis in high school, but exercise was never a priority. Instead, I viewed exercise and healthy eating as a chore.

Then, for some reason unknown to me, I decided to make a New Years Resolution to run twice a week, every week that year. This was in January 2009. I have always hated running. Always. So where this idea came from I am not sure, but it has been life changing. I wasn’t an instant love, but instead grew with time. For the first few months, I ran only one mile at a time, huffing and puffing the whole way. Then eventually, as I built up endurance, the distance grew. I now hope to complete a marathon by the time I graduate from college (which will be in the spring of 2013).
I now understand that eating healthy and exercising is a sign of respect towards your body. I love myself enough to provide my body with the most nutritious things and try to stay active to keep my body going.
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Feel free to contact me at migasnat@gmail.com

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