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Studying Tips for Exams

This weekend has been lovely, but now that it is over its officially here. The worst time of the year.
It’s beginning to look a lot like…exam season
Exams used to stress me out a lot more than they do now. So what’s the secret to not feeling so stressed out? Being as prepared as you possibly can!
Here are some of my tips:
Get the best possible understanding of what the exam will be like! Multiple choice or short answer? How much time will you have? Does your teacher offer any past exams so you can get a feel for what the structure will be like?
Know when you are the most alert. For me it’s bright and early in the morning. At night I can study and be in a fog but in the morning when I’m in my element, it’s crystal clear.
Realize when studying won’t happen. Your favorite sports team is playing on TV, your friends are all watching but you promised yourself you’d study. Let’s face it, you are going to be distracted as hell and most likely will learn nothing. Why not just put in the 3 hours of studying you were going to do that day another time when you will be able to concentrate?  
Start with the material you are the least confident about. Don’t save it for the end. If something comes up and you don’t get to study as much as you wanted to, at least this will now be clear along with the other material you feel more confident about.
Study in an area where you won’t get distracted. I can’t study in my room, with so many distractions in there I stop studying within minutes.
Give yourself breaks. Surely you don’t expect to study for 3 hours straight without a break? Or even an hour for that matter? During each hour studied I give myself a 5 minute break (to surf the web, listen to a song, stretch, etc). Breaks help you feel refreshed.
Eat snacks! Your brain needs some sort of snack to keep it going!
Start Early! You can’t expect to learn all of the material that will be covered on the exam in just 2 or 3 days. I generally start thinking about exams at least a week before hand. 
Alright folks, lets try to have stress-free exam season!
Good luck!