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Enough is Enough!

Looking back at my past few blogs I have realized something. 
Finals have taken over my blog. 
And life.
But enough is enough! I am sure you are more than tired of hearing me complain and I am tired of whining. I had 2 exams this afternoon, back-to-back go figure (last complaint I promise!) and only have one more on Tuesday night.
So what has been going behind the scenes?
I snacked on enough peanut butter sandwiches and Luna Bars to feed an entire village.

My room, as usual, has become a complete mess.

Exercise has gone to the back burner 😦
But no worries I have already set out my workout clothes and am heading to the gym tomorrow morning for a 20 mile bike ride. 
I’m now catching up on the Biggest Loser Finale. I haven’t watched all of the episodes over the season but I love watching all of the contestants journey during the finale. I forgot how much I love Jillian. What I would do to have her as my trainer. 
Do you watch the Biggest Loser?

It’s time to go back to “regular” blogging topics so tomorrow I will write about running in the *gasp* winter!

(Study) Party Time

And by party I mean studying. And by that I mean it will be anything but a party.
I woke up with my most pitiful “I don’t want to study” face.

 I look at this picture and feel sorry for myself. Seriously.

This does NOT sound like a good time.

I know that people take final exams very seriously. There is so much pressure on us kids to do well!
So, I knew what had to be done…

Time for some POST-ITS!

I really like this message! So I made a few and will post them in the girls bathroom on each floor of the Medical Library where I will be studying in a few short minutes 😦

I love Operation Beautiful!

Happy Studying!