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Busy Bee

This week started out a little hectic but I am feeling much more at ease. I’m not saying I’m completely stress free but my to do list has shrunk by half.

Things to “look forward” to this week:
10 page sociology paper
Abnormal Psychology Final
Biology Laboratory Final
Biology Laboratory Presentation

Monday is the day my paper is due. I’m about 1/3 of the way done.
This weekend is also my sister’s 21st birthday!
So basically I probably won’t have time to post anytime between now and Monday! Or if I do have time to post it’ll be lame short posts like this one! Sorry 😦

Good luck to all of you who have exams/papers due this week!

Tips for Writing Papers

This week is wearing me thin.

I’m starting to feel like this again, and that is saying a lot seeing as this picture was taken just as I had to rip a fishing hook out of my hair. No I am sorry dad, even though you are not having luck you can not try to catch me. (PS He wasn’t trying to do that. It was windy, I was walking around. Shit happens.) 
Things to “look forward” to this week:
10 page sociology paper.
Abnormal Psychology Final.
Biology Laboratory Final.
Biology Laboratory Presentation. 

Papers. They suck. Especially when they are supposed to be annoying long!
Here are some tips I find useful:

Start early! This is hands down the most important thing.  You won’t be able to write a quality paper when you are feeling pressured with a time deadline.  A 10 page paper can seem intimidating but two days before the due date it won’t be any easier. So why wait?
Revise, revise, revise! I was not a great writer before-  I only focused on spelling/ grammar errors. But now I know there are so many other things to look for:
Are transitions between paragraphs making the paper flow?
Is there any change in the organization of your paper that could make it better? (ex: switch paragraph 3 and 4)
How is your vocabulary? Are you repeating the same word over and over? Get out your thesaurus and look up some different words.
Does your sentence structure vary? (ex: if all of your sentences are filled with commas and a mile long, consider rewriting them so you can alternate between long and short sentences)
Is your title appropriate? For some reason teachers always value a great title so much. So instead of writing “Term Paper” as your title make it something that applies to your topic.
Look carefully at the rubric! Papers are easier than exams. You have the advantage of knowing exactly what is expected of you. Read and re-read through the rubric to make sure you are on track for an “A” worth paper!
Get another opinion. Sometimes you can’t pick out the errors in your paper by yourself. Blackmail, bribe, beg, etc. whatever works- just get someone to read and give you a fresh perspective on your paper. 
Happy Writing!

Tribute to Water

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! 

I got woken up by the fire alarm before 9am. I have a few words to say to the individual who scheduled a fire drill on the only day this week I had a chance to sleep in. And not kinds one either.

Instead of standing around in the cold outside waiting for them to turn it off, I headed to the gym. Fridays are becoming my cycling days! I cycled 20 miles in under an hour. 

Workout Stats:

Total Distance:
Time Taken:
20.00 mi
02:57 (avg)   
Speed: 20.28 (mi/hr) (avg)

The girl on the bike next to me was driving me up the wall. She kept glancing over at my speed/millage every other minute. Very rude! I also had a few words I wanted to say to her. And once again, not kind ones.
I think she was trying to keep up with me though? So maybe I should be flattered?

Now onto the big topic- WATER!

You either love it or hate it.

I have been on both sides.
I would never drink water as a kid. It didn’t have any flavor to it, what was the point? I would wrinkle my nose in disgust when given water to take medicine with. During meals I would either have milk or pop. Lots of pop. I soon realized how many calories my daily intake of pop really was, so I switched to the diet version.

My “substance” of choice was Diet Coke.


I am also a huge fan of Jones Soda!
There is something about the glass bottle and the unique pictures that makes them irresistible.

My favorite flavor is Berry Lemonade.


While I still treat myself to Jones Soda and Diet Coke, it is very rare. I’ve realized how horrible my body feels when I drink pop- bloated and nauseous.

Now, I drink water like it’s my job. Bottles and bottles of water.

For someone my age, I know it’s really important to get enough calcium, so I drink a glass of skim milk in the morning. The rest of my beverages for the day are water.  While, before I used to drink pop with lunch and dinner, I now find it odd. Why would I want to drink a flavored beverage with my meal? It takes away from the taste of the yummy food I am having. Plus, instead of wasting empty calories on pop, I can splurge on dessert or have seconds!

I’m sure you know your body needs water, but do you know just how important it is?

Functions of Water in the Body
The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size. A rule of thumb, 2/3 of body is consists of water, and it is the main component of human body. Did you know that your tissues and organs are mainly made up of water? Here is the %

  • Muscle consists of 75% water
  • Brain consists of 90% of water
  • Bone consists of 22% of water
  • Blood consists of 83% water
The functions of water in human body are vital. The water:
  • Transport nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • Moisturizes the air in lungs
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Protect our vital organ
  • Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Detoxifies
  • Protect and moisturizes our joints
If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reason to drink water!

Lose weight: Drinking water helps you lose weight because it flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown. Drinking water reduces hunger, it’s an effective appetite suppressant so you’ll eat less. Plus, water has zero calories.

Natural Remedy for Headache: Helps to relieve headache and back pains due to dehydration. Although there are many other reasons contribute to headache, dehydration is the common one.

Look Younger with Healthier Skin: You’ll look younger when your skin is properly hydrated. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increase skin elasticity. (Yes please!)

Better Exercise: Drinking water regulates your body temperature. You’ll feel more energetic when doing exercises and water helps to fuel your muscles.

Helps in Digestion and Constipation: Drinking water raises your metabolism because it helps in digestion. Fiber and water goes hand in hand so that you can have your daily bowel movement

Less Cramps and Sprains: Proper hydration helps keep your joints and muscles lubricated, so you’ll less likely get cramps and sprains.

Relieves Fatigue: Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products from the body. If your body lacks of water, your heart, for instance, need to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells, so are the rest of the vital organs, your organs will be exhausted and so are you.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer: Related to the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce the risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining.
Have I transformed you into a water drinker? 

This December, I am taking part in the NoFizz Challenge

The rules are simple:
1) The challenge starts on the 1st of every month, and lasts 30 days. It is free.
2) Drink 60 ounces of water every day for the entire 30-Day Challenge.
3) Avoid soda. We challenge you to make the effort to limit or completely stop soda consumption for the duration of the 30-day campaign.
4) When you register, we’ll e-mail you a packet of information on ways to drink more water, facts and studies on hydration and health, tricks for avoiding sugars, healthier alternatives to soft drinks, and ways to be active!
Although, it’s already past the first of the month, you can sign up for this challenge another month! I will keep you all updated on my progress.

Favorite Fruit??

Happy Friday Eve!
One of my high school teachers referred to Thursday as Friday Eve. Cute, no?

This morning, I had a random thought as I was eating my standard breakfast:

  • Egg white omelet with cheese, ham, tomato, spinach, and mushrooms 

  • an assortment of fruit
Most people have a definite answer when asked for what their favorite ____ is. 
This is true for me in the majority of categories:
Band: Jimmy Eat World
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Movie: Pride & Prejudice
Season: Fall
Animal: DOG!
Jewelry Item: necklaces
Blog: Peas and Thank You
Fruit: ???
When asked, I always say that my favorite fruit is pineapple, but I don’t think this is the truth.
 I love all fruits.

Prior to my healthy lifestyle, I would snack on chips, cookies, chocolate, candy, etc.
But now I snack on fruit! And you know what? It’s even better than all that junk food.
The fruit I eat the most of currently are:
They are great on the go, which describes my lifestyle perfectly. 
I have at least one a day. Is there any phrase for banana’s? A banana a day…?
Turns you into a monkey?
Do you see a resemblance?
Enjoy the rest of your Friday Eve!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I woke up this morning to our first snowfall! And on the 1st of December, how perfect!
We don’t have too much snow…yet.
It has only been snowing for a few hours and there is only a light dusting of snow on the ground.
I love snow and winter for about the first 2 weeks, and then it just starts to get old. The cold, the bad driving conditions, and slippery walking conditions to and from class is just too much to handle for an extensive period of time. But snow during the holidays is a MUST! 
Although I am not a huge fan of winter, I do love living in Michigan and experiencing all of the seasons. And even though I always swear to myself during these awful winter months that I will eventually move to a warmer area, I don’t think I ever will. 
I like my seasons!

I was very “out of it” this morning, as I’m sure you will soon come to realize.

  •  Pineapple and melon (or the remains of them…I forgot to take a picture until I had already ate them!)

  • Scrambled egg omelet with ham, cheese, spinach, tomato, and mushrooms

When I order an omelet I make two choices:

  • regular egg OR egg whites
  • regular omelet OR scrambled eggs

 As you can see I chose scrambled regular eggs. I didn’t want either of these things! Oh, silly me.
Now that it’s December and snowing, I no longer have to feel silly for listening to Christmas music. One thing I won’t do is admit to how long I’ve been listening to them 🙂 
Question: What is the thing you like the most about winter? What is the thing you like the least?

To Do List Woes

Do you have those days when you tell yourself you will finish everything on your To Do List, but at the end of the day you haven’t done even one item on the list? These days are much too common for me. Today was one of these days.
I am fairly new to the blogging world and I love it do not get me wrong, I really do, BUT there is a downside.  All I want to do now is blog, read blogs, find new blogs, find recipes on blogs, find bloggers that are near me, get running tips from bloggers, etc. I am surprised I get any work done at all! And I thought Facebook was a big distraction?! Oh no. Being a blogger is a full time commitment.  I can spend hours reading blogs and then look at the clock shocked that I skipped both lunch and dinner. Whoops? But to be fair, I really do enjoy being part of the blog community!
On that note… I love you bloggers but tomorrow this girl has some work to get done. And only then is she allowing herself the privilege of reading your wonderful blogs.
So tomorrow I will must finish these things:
  • Complete my 4 page bio paper due Wednesday morning
  • Start and make progress on my 10 page sociology paper
  • Finish my statistics homework

Oh and how about throwing something fun into the mix?
  • Go for a run

If you expert bloggers out there have any tips for me so I don’t get sucked into the blog world continuously and can actually get some work done, let me know! Please, I am begging you!

Question: Do you also get lost in the blog community, only to realize half the day has passed?

Almost There…

I am counting down the hours until I go home sweet home.
Yes, you read that right I am STILL stuck at school. 
I think someone needs to reevaluate this whole Thanksgiving break thing at the University of Michigan. Classes are held until Wednesday (today) the day before Thanksgiving until 5pm! In my opinion this is a bunch of BS! It doesn’t allow for any travel time so most people end up leaving a day or so early if they have classes they are able to skip.

To beat boredom, I headed to the gym for one last workout before I eat my weight in turkey tomorrow! I cycled 20 miles in just under an hour.

Workout Stats:  

Total Distance:
Time Taken:
02:53 (avg)   
Speed: 20.69 (mi/hr) (avg)  

I am currently finishing up a rough draft of a bio paper that needs to be submitted by 5pm. I’m not too worried, I’m going to submit one in the roughest form possible. J
I can’t wait to go home and be greet by:

 This was last years Christmas card picture!

I’m sure my mom has put up all of her Christmas decorations by now! I can’t wait to see them. Sure, it’s a little early for that but we are a Christmas family after all, and love to enjoy it as long as possible.